The Ravages Of Trump: Violent Attacks Carried Out In His Name

Send them back. Hispanic invasion. If our country falls, it will be the fault of traitors. That’s language from the manifesto of Patrick Crusius.  Crusius does not invoke President Trump in his manifesto, or in social media posts uncovered as of this writing.
But TPM found some two dozen cases where the perpetrators or planners
of far-right violence invoked Trump during their assault, or claimed
whatever violent action they intended to commit was somehow aligned with
his agenda. Since declaring his run for the Presidency in 2015, President Donald
Trump has used racist rhetoric to fan feelings of hatred among those
that support him.

Publisher: Talking Points Memo | Author: Josh Kovensky

racism, terrorism, trump agenda, and ultra right
2019-08-06 (Modified: 2019-08-06)


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