Secret Report Reveals Saudi Incompetence and Widespread Use of U.S. Weapons in Yemen

Donald Trump says Saudi Arabia could turn to Russia or China for arms, but the French intelligence report emphasizes its dependence on the West. But a highly classified document produced by the French Directorate of
Military Intelligence shows that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab
Emirates are overwhelmingly dependent on Western-produced weapon systems
to wage their devastating war in Yemen. Many of the systems listed are
only compatible with munitions, spare parts, and communications systems
produced in NATO countries, meaning that the Saudis and UAE would have
to replace large portions of their arsenals to continue with Russian or
Chinese weapons.

Publisher: The Intercept | Author: Alex Emmons

foreign policy, military complex, saudi arabia, trump agenda, and yemen
2019-04-17 (Modified: 2019-04-17)


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