Shuttered Polling Sites Cast Shadow Over Midterm Elections

Georgia has shut down over 200 polling sites since 2014, and a string of recent closures in a predominantly African-American jurisdiction is raising eyebrows as the midterms approach. The Georgia examples figure in a growing national trend,
with stark implications for the upcoming midterm elections, reports the Pew Charitable Trust.

Post-Maria, Many Puerto Ricans Struggle to Access Adequate ID to Vote

Coralis Camacho Garcia
left Puerto Rico almost a year after Hurricane Maria. In July, she
moved to Kissimmee, Florida, to find better healthcare for her children. Voting in the midterm
elections wasn’t on the top of her mind — nor did she realize the effort
it could take to cast a ballot. Camacho Garcia is one of tens of
thousands of people to leave the island for Florida. Many of them have
faced a bureaucratic nightmare as they attempt to exercise their right
to vote.