Donald Trump, scam artist

Mr. Trump has cultivated the persona of a generous man, repeatedly  claiming on television he would donate to charity “out of my wallet” and  accepting honors from groups he appeared to support. In fact, an exhaustive investigation by Post reporter David A. Fahrenthold shows that Mr. Trump retooled his foundation about a decade ago to act as an intermediary for other people’s charitable giving, a racket from which Mr. Trump gained in reputation and from which he may even have occasionally profited.

More Trump tapes surface with crude sex remarks

The GOP nominee is under fire for the way he talks about women. On a new batch of recordings from Howard Stern’s radio shows aired Saturday by CNN, Trump said that he would “have no problem” having sex with 24-year-olds, that he “couldn’t care less” if he satisfies the women he sleeps with, that “it’s checkout time” once women reach the age of 35 and that he had engaged in three-way sex.

Sanders is prepared to be a liberal thorn in Clinton’s side

Clinton’s one-time primary rival wants to work with her if she is elected, but he will oppose appointments and legislation that don’t pass muster with the left wing of her party. Sanders said, he plans to push for the breakup of “too big to fail” banks and to pressure Clinton to appoint liberals to key Cabinet positions, including treasury secretary.

Trump didn’t invent the ‘rigged election’ myth. Republicans did.

Trump’s argument on rigged elections didn’t spring from nowhere. It’s just one more symptom of a long-running effort by Republicans to delegitimize Democratic voters, appointees and leaders. For years, this disease has infected our politics. It cannot be cured until Republican leaders rethink their  approach to modern politics.