Catastrophe: Clinton 46, Trump 35

They're getting crushed by Hillary farking Clinton and may be bringing the party down with them — and they don't care. They never have; they're political arsonists. No wonder Team Hillary was rooting for her self-destructive longtime donor and pal to win the Republican primary.

Michigan Democrat: I Warned My Party That Clinton Was In Trouble Here–I Was Called Nuts

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) isn’t being quiet about her role in the election, which was being the canary in the coalmine regarding the incredibly fragile position of Hillary Clinton in the state of Michigan prior to Election Day. She warned that President-elect Trump could win the state for Republicans for the first time since 1988, but was ignored by those in her party, who said she was being hyperbolic.

They Have Learned Nothing

Democrats blame the voters for being duped, self-destructive, even stupid.  This year, with the rejection of Hillary Clinton, we’ve gone from being a racist nation that twice elected a black man to being a racist and sexist nation for twice not electing a woman – and for electing Trump. Oddly, the black man who beat her the first time avoided the sexist label because the left manufactures the labels. In the ultimate fit of irony, leftists even have taken to blaming media bias for their losses.

Stein’s Recount Crusade In Pennsylvania Riddled With Hurdles…Like The Fact That She Missed The Deadline

Dear Greens, liberals, progressives, and any other Clinton supporter. Clinton lost the election. There was no tampering, the Obama administration has even confirmed that much, and it’s time to make way  for President Donald J. Trump. This is just becoming an exercise in cruelty, where the Left is keeping some hope alive when in reality—all is lost. Old, sick Hillary is now becoming sore loser Hillary—and losing with grace has gone right out the window.

Seventeen Reasons to Hate the US Stock Market

We’ve hated this market of late and advised investors to sell.
Emerging markets in general and China, in particular, did better than
US stocks, but that’s small consolation. Today’s ill wind blew nobody
good but owners of government bonds. There are lots of political reasons for the market to plunge, but
there is also an important vulnerability: Most of the profitability
among US corporations is concentrated in a very small number of names.