Poll: Majority of Trump voters would support him even if he colluded with Russia

A majority of President Donald Trump's  voters surveyed by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) believe  he should continue to serve as president even if it's proven that he  conspired with Russia to sway the 2016 election. Just 14 per cent of Trump voters said he should resign in the event that special counsel Robert Mueller or the congressional intelligence committees find that he colluded with Russia.

The 'ultimate deal' that Jared Kushner is proposing for Palestine would strip the people of all their dignity

“I believe,” quoth Crown Prince Kushner this week, “that Palestinian  people are less invested in the politicians’ talking points than they are in seeing how a deal will give them and their future generations new  opportunities, more and better paying jobs and prospects for a better life.” Is Trump’s son-in-law – “adviser” on the Middle East, real estate developer and US investor – delusional? After three Arab-Israeli wars, tens of thousands of Palestinian deaths and millions of refugees, does  Jared Kushner really believe that the Palestinians will settle for cash?

How government money follows Trump on presidential visits to his clubs

When Donald Trump finished the first official rally of his re-election campaign this week, he got on Air Force One. But he didn't go home to Washington. Instead, he flew 190 miles in the opposite direction – to visit his own Doral golf resort, outside Miami. It would be his 126th visit to one of his properties since taking
office. And this visit – like more than a dozen before it – would bring
paying customers, allowing Mr Trump to play a double role.

Why far-right protesters are wearing Hawaiian print

Emerging from a hack joke trope and in far-right memes in racist and homophobic corners of the Internet, armed extremists wearing Hawaiian or "Aloha" print shirts at protests across the US are signalling support for a "second Civil War" over stay-at-home orders and perceived threats to the Second Amendment.