Boris Epshteyn Paid Russian Hackers For Both Team Trump and FSB

Trump Team and Russia jointly paid Pyotr Levashov to hack the US election. Human accounts pushing out fake memes authorized by Russia were paid, via the Kelhios botnet being operated from Trump HQ, using bitcoin and a spam payments system previously used for pornography;

Donald Trump Sealed Indictment Started With Eric Schneiderman

We have New York State Attorney Eric Schneiderman to thank for the genesis of the sealed indictment against Donald Trump currently being held in the Eastern District of Virginia, which has formed the basis of the case of impeachment already begun against him. This is how that happened: AG Schneiderman began a case of Enterprise Corruption, the state name for RICO, against Donald Trump. The case was based on the activities of Russian mobsters like Semion Moglievich who lived in Trump Tower, Russian oligarchs, and others.

Director Comey Legally Taped Calls, Meetings With Trump

Sources with links to the Justice Department confirm that U.S. intelligence has legal copies of all Donald Trump’s “tapes” of his meetings with Director Comey – and that Comey had his own phone legally  hacked in order to record suspects, including Trump, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr, for over a year.