Trump Assaulted Me During Interview About His Happy Marriage To Melania

This is the worst accusation yet – and perhaps the most credible. A fifth woman has come forward to tell her traumatic story of assault at Donald Trump’s hands tonight – and it is extremely disturbing, and paints Donald Trump not just as a serial philander but a man for whom attempted rape is an extremely easy crime for him to commit.

Democrats Just Named Bernie To A Senate Leadership Position

He will be in charge of reaching out to and engaging with all the voters that the Democratic Party lost during last week’s shocking electoral sweep by Republican nominee Donald Trump. In addition, Sanders is keeping his old spot as the senior minority member of the Budget Committee, leading the Democratic rebuttal against the inevitable Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Trump Silent As Quebec Mosque Terrorist Is White Christian Pro-Trump Fanatic

Canadian police have just identified the lone gunman who attacked a  Quebec mosque during prayers last night, killing five praying Muslims  and injuring eight. Donald Trump’s Twitter has been uncharacteristically silent since the identity of the gunman was revealed. Hypocrisy, thy name is Donald Trump!