Mary McCord, Longtime Department Of Justice Lawyer, Is Leaving Her Job In May

Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord told staff this week she is leaving to pursue other opportunities. McCord has led the probe into Russian election meddling. Mary B. McCord has served at the highest levels in the national security unit, either as its leader or chief deputy, for the past three years. A longtime federal prosecutor based in Washington, McCord easily won the confidence of both career lawyers and her supervisors inside the Justice Department.

'I've Got Nothing Over Here': Michigan Man Deported By ICE Dies In Baghdad

Jimmy Aldaoud was deported from the U.S. in June to Iraq, a country
that his family said he had never set foot in. Two months after he
arrived there, his family got word that he was found dead in Baghdad. Aldaoud was born in Greece, his sister Mary Bolis said, after his family fled Iraq. He didn't speak Arabic.