The Media Blew the Election. Now They’re Blowing the Transition to Trump.

This is an emergency, and Americans need to be prepared for it. The situation that confronts us is extremely dangerous, and not just for all the civic dissension Trump has inspired, or for his erratic, unpredictable nature. Apart from all the hiring Trump would have to do anyhow, his offensiveness and grotesque unfitness for office is likely to lead to an unusual number of civil-service departures. Relatedly, most decent, honorable professionals are not going to want to work for the Trump administration. At a nuts and bolts level, much of the federal government is going to be run by goons or not at all.

The New U.S. Trade Deal Is Climate Sabotage

If this week is the “Super
Bowl” of trade policy—as Republican Senator Rob Portman called it
Wednesday—the planet won’t be getting a ring. The United
States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the Nafta replacement that passed 89-10
through the Senate on Thursday, never mentions the climate crisis. It
will do plenty to fuel it.