Top Republican Official Says Trump Won Wisconsin Because of Voter ID Law

Election officials and Democrats in Wisconsin have repeatedly argued that the state’s strict voter ID law allowed Donald Trump to win the state in 2016 by keeping thousands of  voters—predominantly in Democratic-leaning areas—from the polls. Now a top Republican official in the state is saying the same thing.

Even Trump Can’t Explain What Happened in Singapore

Despite’s the president’s confidence, details surrounding the document remain vague, with reports suggesting it appears to lack firm commitments by Kim. The document purportedly makes no mention of North Korea’s human rights violations—a topic Trump had promised would not even be broached during the summit. According to Trump, North Korea will begin steps to denuclearize “very quickly,” while the US has agreed to halt military exercises in the region. That significant concession appears to have blindsided the South Korean government.

Disgraced Trump Fundraiser Tried to Use GOP Contacts to Score “Billions” in Africa

In late 2016, as Donald Trump was readying to move into the White House,
Elliott Broidy, then one of the Republican Party’s top fundraisers, was
working on a deal to gain control of what a business partner called
“billions of dollars in oil & gas, and mining assets” in Angola. And
while he was trying to pull together this gigantic venture—as well as
mounting another project to provide intelligence services to the Angolan
government—Broidy used his clout to hook up top Angolan government
officials with members of the US Congress and the Trump administration.

Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and the NRA

The National Rifle Association spent $30 million to help elect Donald
Trump—more than any other independent conservative group. Most of that
sum went toward television advertising, but a political message loses
its power if it fails to reach the right audience at the right time. For
the complex and consequential task of placing ads in key markets across
the nation in 2016, the NRA turned to a media strategy firm called Red
Eagle Media.

Democrats’ First Order of Business: Making It Easier to Vote and Harder to Buy Elections

House Democrats introduced a sweeping bill
on Friday as their first order of legislative business that would
expand voting rights and curb the influence of money in politics,
signaling their commitment to push back on Republican efforts to undermine the democratic process. The legislation, known as HR 1: The For the People Act, would make it
easier to vote, crack down on gerrymandering, and reduce the influence
of big money in congressional races.

Documents Show NRA and Republican Candidates Coordinated Ads in Key Senate Races

The National Rifle Association appears to have illegally coordinated its
political advertising with Republican candidates in at least three
recent high-profile US Senate races, according to Federal Communications
Commission records. In Senate races in Missouri and Montana in 2018 and
North Carolina in 2016, the gun group’s advertising blitzes on behalf
of GOP candidates Josh Hawley, Matt Rosendale, and Richard Burr were
authorized by the very same media consultant that the candidates
themselves used—an apparent violation of laws designed to prevent
independent groups from synchronizing their efforts with political

Donald Trump Jr. Apparently Has No Idea What a Conflict of Interest Is

Donald Trump Jr. flew to Indonesia this week to help cut the ribbon on two new Trump-branded resorts. When he was there, he told
reporters that the idea that the president’s business interests in the
country would affect American policy was “totally asinine.” But even as
Trump Jr. dismissed the potential for a conflict of interest, his
father’s business partner, Indonesian billionaire and political
impresario Hary Tanoesoedibjo, explicitly promoted the event as a visit
from the US president’s son.