Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud

Why we need an investigation into electoral fraud favoring Hillary ClintonI would have voted for Hillary Clinton three months ago. I believed that our elec…

For All Democrats to Ponder: The Real Reasons Hillary Clinton Lost

Having taken some time to look back over the past six months, I list below what I believe are the four main underlying reasons for this  defeat. As it turns out, none of the reasons is particularly complicated, but each will require consideration and systemic change by the party over the next two years.

Someone Began Dumping Stock Before Trump Attacked Lockheed

Records show that someone started dumping Lockheed stocks 6 minute before Donald Trump started criticizing Lockheed. The amount is not known but significant enough to be noticed. Since Trumps taxes are not public we can't know if his own people were involved. Lets see if this becomes a pattern

A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media

Read how Donald Trump's demeanor compares to Vladimir Putin. Trump's first press conference as President elect resembles that of Putin and other autocratic rulers. This Russiona Journalist is providing tips on how to deal with him.

What should we do if the president is a liar?

What should a United States senator, or any citizen, do if the president is a liar? Does ignoring this reality benefit the American people? Do we make a bad situation worse by disrespecting the president of the United States? Or do we have an obligation to say that he is a liar to protect America’s standing in the world and people’s trust in our institutions?

Mitch McConnell’s Ties to Russian Oil Money

Democratic Coalition’s ongoing investigation just uncovered the
following evidence linking GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
(R-KY) to Russian oil money, some of which we first revealed in February 2017.McConnell
recently voted to drop sanctions against Russian aluminum company RusAl
which is still owned by one of Vladimir Putin’s sanctioned oligarchs,
Oleg Deripaska. His action directly benefits one of the GOP leader’s
major donors, whose fortune comes from Russian oil.