Trump's War To 'Annihilate' ISIS Is Raising Civilian Casualties

Overturning more than a decade of careful “hearts and minds” military operations, the United States has  signaled that the major U.S.-backed combat offensives against ISIS in  Iraq and Syria should proceed regardless of the cost to civilians.

Democrats Join Republicans In Bill Criminalizing Speech Critical Of Israel

With Trump as president, it is easy to forget how utterly hopeless many Congressional Democrats are, including many who look like progressives.

The best indicator of Democratic corruption is its slavishness toward the lobby that is to them what the National Rifle Association is to the GOP: the Israel lobby (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and its satellite organizations).

Mitch McConnell Bends The Rules Again To Confirm Trump's Judges

When the Senate votes this week to confirm Michael Brennan to be a lifetime judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, it will be voting on a nominee who never should have made it to the Senate floor. That’s because Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) was denied the ability to stop him. When President Donald Trump nominated Brennan to the court based in Baldwin’s state, she should have had the right, per longstanding Senate tradition, to deny or advance his nomination in the Judiciary Committee.

Officials Defend Plan To Close Almost All Polling Places In Majority Black Georgia County

Election officials in a rural southwest Georgia county are defending a plan to suddenly close seven of the county’s nine polling places against allegations of racial discrimination, saying the ones it wants to close are not sufficiently accessible to people with disabilities Randolph County, the site of the proposed changes, is more than 60 percent black, with a little over 30 percent of residents in poverty ― more than double the national level.

Democrats Just Killed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Push For A Green New Deal Committee

Democratic leaders on Thursday tapped Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.) to head a revived U.S. House panel on climate change, ending a dramatic monthlong effort to establish a select committee on a Green New Deal. Castor’s appointment came as a surprise to proponents of a Green New Deal. The move also kicked off a controversy as the six-term congresswoman dismissed calls to bar members who accept money from fossil fuel companies from serving on the committee, arguing it would violate free speech rights.

11 Million Taxpayers Losing $323 Billion In Deductions In Trump Tax Hit

There’s more bad news for taxpayers. A government report has revealed that 11 million taxpayers are losing out on $323 billion worth of deductions due to a punishing change in President Donald Trump’s tax law.

The hard news comes after early filers were stunned by shrinking — to vanishing — tax refunds.

Republicans Laugh Off Concerns About Corporations Putting Money In Trump’s Pocket

Republicans on the House antitrust panel laughed off Democrats’ questions over T-Mobile’s spending at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. immediately after the company announced a mega-merger with Sprint. One day after the merger announcement, nine T-Mobile executives checked in to Trump’s D.C. hotel, The Washington Post reported in January. The company ultimately spent $195,000 on 38 nights at the hotel as T-Mobile executives descended on Washington to meet with regulators about the proposed merger.

U.S. Formally Withdraws From 1987 Nuclear Pact With Russia

The United States formally withdrew from a landmark nuclear missile pact with Russia on Friday after determining that Moscow was in violation of the treaty and had no plans to come into compliance with it. U.S. President Donald Trump made the determination that the United States would terminate adherence to the 1987 arms control accord, known as the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), senior administration officials told reporters.

Trump Administration Circumvents Congress For Food Benefit Cuts (Again)

The Trump administration is reviving another food benefit cut that Republicans couldn’t get through Congress.  

Under a new proposal from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, states would lose some flexibility to set eligibility standards for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ― commonly known as food stamps ― which would push 3 million people out of the program.