House Passes $3.8 Trillion in Tax Cuts

With attention fixed on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings,
the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new $3.1 trillion tax cut on
Friday. The vote was 220 to 191, including three Democrats. The down-to-the-wire 2017 tax act passed in late December contained a mix of permanent and temporary changes
that had to result in a net increased cost that fell within a
structural limit of $1.5 trillion that allowed the Senate to approve the
bill with a simple majority.

Trump Used the Same Tax Breaks as Amazon to Drastically Reduce His Own IRS Bill

President Donald Trump complains that large corporations, such as
Inc., are shirking their tax responsibilities. Yet for at least a
decade, Trump paid none or very little in federal income taxes by
exploiting some of the same generous tax breaks that the online retail
giant and others have used to reduce IRS bills.

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Trump told governors to buy own pandemic supplies, then outbid them

President Donald Trump’s directive for governors to buy their own medical supplies to fight the coronavirus has run into a big problem—the federal government. Massachusetts
Governor Charlie Baker told Trump during a video conference on Thursday
that his state three times lost out to the federal government on
purchases of critical supplies, creating an awkward moment during the
made-for-TV event at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in