Oil lobby met with interior secretary at Trump hotel

The oil industry's most powerful lobbying group  met on March 23 with President Trump's interior secretary at the Trump  International Hotel in Washington, DC. It also happened to be the same  day the administration killed a rule that oil companies opposed. The location of the meeting is raising eyebrows and ethical questions. The Trump International Hotel, situated just blocks from the White House, is ground zero for companies and foreign leaders who may be trying to cozy up to the president by using his properties, critics and ethics experts fear. 

Tax cut scoreboard: Workers $6 billion; Shareholders: $171 billion

American companies have lavished Wall Street with $171 billion of stock buyback announcements so far this year, according to research firm Birinyi Associates. That's a record-high for this point of the year and more than double the $76 billion that Corporate America disclosed at the same point of 2017.