Trump asks why US can't use nukes: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reports

Trump asked a foreign policy advisor why the U.S. can't use nuclear weapons, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says, citing an unnamed source and then asked Hayden about the process in such an event and the response is that the system is built for quick execution once decision is made.

Trump's sons reportedly involved in charity event offering access to president-elect

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are listed as "honorary co-chairmen" for the "Opening Day 2017" event, which is seeking donations for unnamed "conservation charities," according to a draft event brochure obtained by TMZ. The brochure posted by TMZ touts several packages that range from $25,000 to $1 million. The most expensive "Bald Eagle" package lists "a private reception and photo opportunity for 16 guests" with the president-elect and a multiday hunting or fishing trip with his sons, among other perks

Judge orders EPA nominee Scott Pruitt to turn over emails

An Oklahoma County District Court judge on Thursday ordered President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the EPA to turn over thousands of communications to a watchdog group. The order is the latest turn in a lawsuit against Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt brought by the Center for Media and Democracy earlier this month. CMD charges Pruitt violated the Oklahoma Open Records Act for declining to make public official documents the group has requested since 2015.

Trump has a plan to change the tax code to make himself much, much richer

President Trump is planning to include a massive cut in the top tax rate on "pass-through" companies, from its current level of 39.6 percent to a mere 15 percent, the Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender and Richard Rubin report. This will be sold as a boost for small businesses, and it is, but it is mostly a huge giveaway to the rich — including the president himself.

Treasury set to borrow nearly a trillion in 2018 and more beyond

Last week, in a development first reported by The Washington Post, the Treasury Department quietly released data estimating its 2018 borrowing needs would check in at $955 billion, then top $1 trillion in the next two fiscal years.  Those sums are considerably higher than last year's $519 billion in debt issued, and an upward revision to estimates released by the Treasury in late 2017.

Mueller warns that election, politics meddling by foreigners is still happening

Special counsel Robert Mueller  said Tuesday that election meddling operations like those conducted by Russia during the 2016 presidential election are still occurring. "Uncharged individuals and entities" are still engaging in operations similar to those charged in a case involving 13 Russian nationals and three entities accused of illegally interfering in U.S. politics, Mueller said.

Cozy land deals meant big money for Donald Trump's family and friends

The purchase of three properties by President Trump's  son-in-law on the banks of a toxic Brooklyn canal triggered a series of  unusual real estate deals and a windfall profit from transactions  financed by a bank tied to the Trump family. The property transactions totaling more than $150 million began in late 2014 and early 2015 and included sales prices well above the assessed value of the parcels, as well as high-risk loans that experts said raise red flags. At the center of each deal is either Jared Kushner or Michael Cohen, whose business dealings have attracted close scrutiny from prosecutors and regulators since Trump's election.