More questionable footage of Trump's comments on women

In 1992 footage from "Entertainment Tonight" Donald Trump greets a young girl and then brags to camera: "I'm going to be dating her in 10 years!" This is far from the first time Trump has made reference to his interest in dating much younger women.

State Dept. carries out layoffs under Rex Tillerson

Much of seventh-floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed.  These staffers in particular are often the conduit between the secretary’s office to the country bureaus, where the regional expertise is centered. Inside the State Department, some officials fear that this is a politically-minded purge that cuts out much-needed expertise from the policy-making, rather than simply reorganizing the bureaucracy.

Trump sells Qatar $12 billion of U.S. weapons days after accusing it of funding terrorism

While President Trump berates Qatar for sponsoring terrorism at the
highest levels, he is simultaneously authorizing the country to purchase
over $21 billion of U.S. weapons.  One portion of that deal — $12 billion for 36 F-15QA fighter jets —
was inked on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., when Qatar's Defense
Minister met with U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis.