Are there any Trump links to Putin?

Is the Republican candidate for President too closely aligned with Russian president Vladimir Putin? There are more than a few signs that reveal Russian influence in the Trump campaign.

US election: Hillary's humiliating low road to White House

Hillary Clinton could be days away from earning the most powerful job in the land. But the road to the White House has been lined with anger, hatred and mistrust. And surely it must sometimes be painful to peer through the tinted glass of her armoured SUV to see demonstrators who would rather see her in jail. From bullets those vehicles offer a protective shell, but not the brickbats.

US Election: The truth about a Twitter conspiracy theory

The hashtag "Go Hillary" strangely shot to the top of Twitter's US trends list on Sunday. Strangely, because it happened in the immediate wake of potentially very damaging revelations about the Democratic candidate's emails.Donald Trump supporters accused the social network of artificially boosting a trend – but what's the real story?

Trump election: Jeff Sessions picked for top law job

Donald Trump has named more conservative hardliners for key posts, with Alabama Senator Jeff  Sessions nominated as attorney general. Mr Sessions, a former prosecutor, was turned down for a federal judgeship in 1986 because of alleged racist remarks. Congressman Mike Pompeo is nominated as CIA director and retired Lt Gen Michael Flynn made national security adviser.

Jared Kushner: The quiet millionaire with Donald Trump's ear

Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner looks set to become a close White House adviser, but who is the quiet, camera-shy millionaire? He has not been given an official position within the Trump administration, but Mr Kushner has been named alongside three of Mr Trump's children in the transition team, and he is said to have the President-elect's ear.

Air Force One – why is it so expensive?

Mr. Trump wants to cancel the order for Airforce one. This article explains why Airforce one is so expensive and why its necessary for the President of the United States to travel in one

Trump attacks China in Twitter outburst

It is apparent that Donald Trump believes that international diplomacy is akin to a real estate negotiation. Experts would tell you that international diplomacy requires a cool head and long term planning. Will Mr. Trump continue his twitter outburst once in office?