WikiLeaks: Assange's internet 'severed' by state actor

WikiLeaks says that founder Julian Assange's internet access has been cut by an unidentified state actor. The whistle-blowing organisation said on Twitter on Monday that they have activated their "contingency plans" after its co-founder's internet service was intentionally cut off.

How US security aid to PA sustains Israel's occupation

US 'security' aid to to both Israel and Palestinian Authority is keeping Palestinians occupied. By providing aid to the security sector of West bank and Gaza has resulted in half Palestinian public sector civil servants to be employed in security. The Palestinian security now restrains mass uprisings by suppressing Palestinians who resist Israel's occupation.

Is Trump leading the US on a warpath with Iran?

On a spring morning in 2016, the retired four-star general Mattis, who was forced out of his job by then-President Barack Obama, spoke before defence and foreign policy experts gathered just blocks from the White House. The 65-year old speaker, with silver hair and puffy eyes, was blunt. For all the dangers al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, known as ISIS) pose in the Middle East, he warned that the Iranian regime "is the single most enduring threat to stability and peace". He recalled that as commander of US troops in the Middle East, the first three questions he would ask his subordinates every morning "had to do with Iran and Iran and Iran". Nine months later, James Norman Mattis returned to the US capital as defence secretary of President Donald Trump.

Mexico voices 'irritation' as top Trump envoys visit

In Mexico City visit, senior White House seek to cool tempers after weeks of tension between the two neighbours."There exists among Mexicans worry and irritation about what are perceived to be policies that could be harmful for the national interest and for Mexicans here and abroad," Videgaray said, l ooking stern as he stood beside the US officials. Relationships between the two countries have gone downhill quickly since Trump's win at the US presidential election in November.

The Sheriff of Manbij: US makes debut in the Syrian War

Photos of US Humvees and Stryker combat vehicles patrolling the streets of Manbij are surreal, a reminder that we no longer are under Barack Obama's restrained doctrine. US generals are now in full control of US policy in Syria. President Donald Trump is making good on his campaign promise not to tell the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) about his plans to defeat them, yet both allies and foes are puzzled by that new approach. 

'Deadly US air strike in Syria hit peaceful mosque'

US forces failed to take necessary precautions before launching a lethal drone strike in northern Syria last month that hit a mosque full of worshipers, three separate investigations have revealed. Research by Human Rights Watch (HRW), London-based Forensic Architecture and open-source investigative unit Bellingcat reveal that US air strikes hit a western Aleppo mosque on March 16, killing at least 38 people and injuring dozens of others.

Rex Tillerson: Qatari position in Gulf row 'reasonable'

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters in Doha that the Qatari government had "reasonable" views in the month-old diplomatic  crisis with Arab neighbours. "I think Qatar has been quite clear in its positions, and I think those have been very reasonable," Tillerson said after his arrival in Doha on Tuesday. The quartet accuse Qatar of funding "terrorism", an accusation Qatar rejects as "baseless".

'Trump looking to loosen Obama limits on drone strikes'

The New York Times, citing unnamed officials, reported on Thursday that Trump's top national security advisers have proposed relaxing two rules from administration of Barack Obama, the former US president.  The officials said the targets of kill missions by the military and the CIA would be expanded to include foot-soldier fighters with no  special skills or leadership roles. 

North Korea fires ballistic missile

An initial assessment by the US Department of Defense said North  Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). This type of missile is capable of carrying nuclear warheads and could reach the mainland of the United States.  If the Pentagon's first assessment turns out to be correct, it would be the third test of an ICBM by North Korea this year.