Concern Grows Over Soros-Linked Voting Machines | LifeZette

Concern is growing over revelations that voting machines in a  significant number of states could be linked to a company tied directly  to billionaire leftist George Soros and his personal quest to create a nationless, borderless global state.

How Charges of Voter Fraud Became a Political Strategy

Donald Trump’s warnings of a rigged election echo a longtime Republican emphasis on voting fraud — one that experts call misguided. It is the culmination of roughly two decades of alarms, investigations and political gamesmanship in which remarkably little voter fraud has been documented, but the conviction that it is widespread has gone from a fringe notion to an article of faith for many Republicans.

Voter Fraud in 2016 Election Continues

Former DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams suggested a considerable amount of voter fraud, enough to influence the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Elections official subpoenaed after his claims of voter fraud

This article was trending with 3.2K retweets. State investigators have questioned the Manhattan Democratic representative on the city’s Board of Elections, who was caught on a secret video claiming Mayor de Blasio’s municipal ID program was contributing to “all kinds of fraud.” The Mayor has asked for his resignation

FLASHBACK: Obama Believed In 'Rigged Elections' In 2008

This article was shared 15K times at the time I curated it. The headline sort of misrepresents what Obama said even though he did say that both Democrats and Republicans have tried to influence elections. He never claimed what Donald is claiming.

State police raid Philly office as voter registration probe grows

Days after searching the Delaware County office of a Democratic  grassroots organization for evidence of voter-registration fraud, state  police on Thursday raided a second office – this one in Philadelphia. No charges have been filed against FieldWorks, a Washington-based organization, and it has pledged to cooperate with investigators. People familiar with the probe say there is currently no evidence pointing toward an effort to cast illegal or fraudulent ballots in next week's election.

Cylance Discloses Voting Machine Vulnerability

Cylance researchers have disclosed vulnerabilities in a commonly used voting machine that enable an attacker to reflash the firmware with a PCMCIA card and directly manipulate the voting tallies in memory.

White nationalists plot Election Day show of force

Neo-Nazi leader Andrew Anglin plans to muster thousands of poll watchers across all 50 states. His partners at the alt-right website “the Right Stuff” are touting plans to set up hidden cameras at polling places in Philadelphia and hand out liquor and marijuana in the city’s “ghetto” on Election Day to induce residents to stay home.