Trump will roll back Obama’s LGBT rights protections, Mike Pence confirms

Donald Trump would roll back Barack Obama's orders on LGBT rights, his running mate Mike Pence has confirmed. In the interview, Dobson asked Pence whether Obama’s guidance would be reversed. The VP candidate confirmed that the Republicans would roll back  Obama’s orders so that “the transgender bathroom issue can be resolved  with common sense at the local level”.He said: “This is such an example of an administration that seems to  have… there’s no area of our lives too small for them to want to  regulate, no aspect of our constitution too large for them to ignore.

Trump just laid out a pretty radical student debt plan

Donald Trump is promising the most liberal student loan repayment plan since the inception of the federal financial aid program, in a clear effort to court the millions of Americans struggling with the high cost of college.

It’s Worse Than You Think

Widespread social unrest will ignite when Donald Trump’s base realizes  it has been betrayed. I do not know when this will happen. But that it will happen is certain. Investments in the stocks of the war industry,  internal security and the prison-industrial-complex have skyrocketed  since Trump won the presidency. There is a lot of money to be made from a militarized police state.

The Media Blew the Election. Now They’re Blowing the Transition to Trump.

This is an emergency, and Americans need to be prepared for it. The situation that confronts us is extremely dangerous, and not just for all the civic dissension Trump has inspired, or for his erratic, unpredictable nature. Apart from all the hiring Trump would have to do anyhow, his offensiveness and grotesque unfitness for office is likely to lead to an unusual number of civil-service departures. Relatedly, most decent, honorable professionals are not going to want to work for the Trump administration. At a nuts and bolts level, much of the federal government is going to be run by goons or not at all.

Trump Presidency Could Be Worth $14 Billion to His Troubled Lender

Donald Trump’s election has likely given a massive lifeline to Deutsche Bank, the German financial firm that has been rocked recently by rumors that they would have to pay a $14 billion fine to the Justice Department over crisis-related mortgage abuses. That money is unlikely to ever be imposed, now that one of Deutsche Bank’s biggest borrowers – Trump – will soon be sitting in the White House.

Donald Trump May Select an Architect of Bush’s Torture Program to Run CIA

Donald Trump may select Jose Rodriguez, one of the primary architects of the George W. Bush torture program, to run the Central Intelligence Agency, according to a law firm with close ties to Trump. Rodriguez, the former director of the National Clandestine Service, helped developed the CIA black sites, secret prisons operated in foreign countries where interrogators used a range of torture tactics, including the use of “waterboarding,” the simulated  drowning technique once used by the Khmer Rouge and Nazi agents to glean information from detainees.

Bernie Sanders said he would work with Donald Trump. Then he saw Trump’s infrastructure plan.

At first, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s tone with Donald Trump was conciliatory: “To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him,” he said in a statement after Election Day. Then he saw Trump’s infrastructure plan. Sanders’s tone changed; he tweeted that the president-elect’s plan for infrastructure is a “scam,” proving just how difficult working with a Trump administration will be in practice:

How to pay for Donald Trump’s trillion-dollar agenda? Congressional Republicans aren’t saying.

President-elect Donald Trump intends to launch a broad legislative  agenda that includes cutting taxes, rolling back the Affordable Care  Act, growing the military and rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. The question is how congressional Republicans, after eight years of apocalyptic warnings about the growing national debt, will respond to the dire fiscal implications of proposals that would likely send the  deficit soaring.