Travel Ban Drives Wedge Between Iraqi Soldiers and Americans

Capt. Ahmed Adnan al-Musawe had survived another day battling Islamic State fighters in Mosul last weekend when he heard startling news: The new American president had temporarily barred Iraqis from entering the  United States and wanted tougher vetting. Captain Musawe, who commands an infantry unit of the Iraqi Army’s elite counter terrorism force, considers himself already fully vetted: He has been trained by American officers in Iraq and in Jordan. “If America doesn’t want Iraqis because we are all terrorists, then America should send its sons back to Iraq to fight the terrorists themselves,” Captain Musawe told a New York Times reporter

Sorry Spicer! There's No Walking Back Calling Trump's Order A 'Ban' Now

To riff on the bard, a Muslim ban by any other name is still a political and legal problem for President Donald Trump. Trump, in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network almost immediately after signing the order, said that one of its purposes was to make it easier for Christians to enter the United States. "It seems to me the soft underbelly of the legal defense is this business about Christians, because not only is that subject to Equal Protection and Establishment Clause [questions] on its own, but it suggests that this is a Muslim ban,” said Michael Meltsner, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law.

Trump travel ban: Seattle judge issues nationwide block

A US judge in Seattle has issued a temporary nationwide block on President Donald Trump's ban on travellers from seven mainly Muslim  nations. The State Department says 60,000 visas have since been revoked. Mr Trump's executive order brought in a suspension of the US Refugee Admissions Programm for 120 days.

Khizr Khan travel privileges reportedly under review

Khan was scheduled to speak “on what we can do about the appalling turn of events in Washington." Khan has been a U.S. citizen for more than 30 years, and his son, Humayun Khan, a University of Virginia graduate and Muslim American Army captain who died in Iraq in 2004, was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Trump Loses Travel Ban Ruling in Appeals Court

A second federal appeals court has ruled  against President Trump’s revised travel ban, delivering on Monday the latest in a string of defeats for the administration’s efforts to limit travel from several predominantly Muslim countries. The administration has already sought a Supreme Court review of a similar decision issued last month  by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in Richmond, Va. Monday’s decision came from the United States Court of  Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco.

Supreme Court Will Hear Travel Ban, Which Is Partly Reinstated

In a win for President Trump, the court said it would hear arguments in October on a case that sets the stage for a major ruling on presidential power. But those challenging the travel ban said the court’s opinion would protect the vast majority of people seeking to enter the United States to visit a relative, accept a job, attend a university or deliver a speech. The court said the travel ban could not be imposed on anyone who had “a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”

Supreme court allows enforcement of Trump travel ban as appeals proceed

The supreme court is allowing the Trump administration to fully  enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries. The justices, with two dissenting votes, said on Monday that the policy could take full effect even as legal challenges against it made  their way through the courts. The action suggests the high court could uphold the latest version of the ban, which Trump announced in September.

New York’s Attorney General in Battle With Trump

Eric Schneiderman’s office recently took legal or administrative action against “the biggest threat” to New Yorkers: the federal government. By moving to sue the Federal Communications Commission over net neutrality this month, his office took its 100th legal or administrative action against the Trump administration and congressional Republicans. His lawyers have challenged Mr. Trump’s first, second and third travel bans and sued over such diverse matters as a rollback in birth control coverage and a weakening of pollution standards.

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban, Delivering Endorsement of Presidential Power

In a 5-to-4 vote, the court’s conservatives said the president’s statutory power over immigration was not undermined by his history of incendiary statements about the dangers he said Muslims pose to Americans. Mr. Trump, who has battled court challenges to the travel ban since the first days of his administration, hailed the decision to uphold his third version of an executive order as a “tremendous victory” and promised to continue using his office to defend the country against terrorism and extremism.