Mexico’s President Cancels Meeting With Trump Over Wall

The move by Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, brings to a head the simmering tensions that have been building for months between the two leaders. After calling for dialogue in the face of Mr. Trump’s vows to build a wall, Mr. Peña Nieto ultimately bowed to public pressure in Mexico to respond more forcefully to his northern neighbor.

It’s not just Trump — Mexico threatened to leave NAFTA too

Mexico doesn’t want to be bossed around. After alarming the world with news about potentially ending NAFTA, Trump seemed to backtrack, saying in a Wednesday statement that he had “pleasant and productive” calls with the leaders of Mexico and Canada. “It is my privilege to bring NAFTA up to date through renegotiation,” he said. “It is an honor to deal with both President Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Trudeau, and I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better.”

How Every Senator Voted on Ending the Government Shutdown

Senators rejected two competing bills
to end the government shutdown on Thursday. There were signs of
bipartisanship: Six Republicans supported the Democratic bill for two
weeks of funding. One Democrat voted for President Trump’s proposal for a
border wall.

Trump Claims There Is a Crisis at the Border. What’s the Reality?

President Trump has frequently called the situation at the southern
border with Mexico a crisis and insists that building his long-promised
border wall will fix it. Here are some of Mr. Trump’s most common
assertions of a crisis, and the reality of what we know about immigrants
and the border.

Trump Storms Out of White House Meeting with Democrats on Shutdown

President Trump slammed his hand on a table and stormed out of a White
House meeting with congressional leaders on Wednesday after Speaker
Nancy Pelosi of California said she would not fund a wall along the
southern border, dramatically escalating the confrontation over the
government shutdown.

Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall

President Trump declared a national emergency at the border on Friday to access billions of dollars to build a border wall that Congress refused to give him, transforming a highly charged policy dispute into a fundamental confrontation over separation of powers.

Military retirement program could lose funding for Trump's border wall

The Supreme Court decided last week that Department of Defense funding could be used to construct sections of President Donald Trump's border wall.  Notably, it said about $224 million would be taken from the Blended Retirement System,
which combines elements of the military's retirement system with a
system offering benefits similar to civilian 401(k) programs. Other programs set to significantly lose funding: $604 million that was
supposed to support Afghan security forces; $251 million in Pentagon
funds for destroying US chemical weapons; and about $343 million "in
spending from Air Force weapons programs where officials have negotiated
reductions or canceled systems,".