Donald Trump Promises Tax Cuts, More Spending Offset by Robust Growth

Donald Trump put forward his most detailed economic blueprint, promising significantly stronger economic growth to offset the steep price tag of proposed tax-rate cuts and new infrastructure and defense spending. Advocates of balanced budgets have reacted cautiously to proposals, such as Mr. Trump’s that would cut taxes and boost defense and infrastructure spending without specific measures to avoid higher deficits if growth doesn’t materialize.

D.C. Hivemind Mulls How Clinton Can Pass Huge Corporate Tax Cut

Even as Democratic voters are concentrating on beating Donald Trump, the Very Serious People of D.C. are quietly plotting a highly unpleasant surprise for them. Article talks about where the money for proposed programs will come from and how to pay for them. Progressives want taxes from corporate profits and articles discusses the politics of this process.

Why the Trump Team’s Economic Promises Will Be Hard to Execute

Basically what is being promised by the Trump team doesn't match the plan unveiled in September. Economist are not clear of the effects. They claim that cutting corporate taxes will bring back jobs but experts can not reach the same conclusion when they run the numbers

The Major Potential Impact of a Corporate Tax Overhaul

A plan from Republicans would focus on domestic cash flow instead of corporate income, and could have a huge effect on the path of the economy. The tax is focused on boosting exports and reduce trade deficits. Many economist think it won't work because the value of dollar will change.

Rob Reich Explains the ‘Scam’ Behind the Trump Infrastructure Plan

Reich explains that rather than coming up with the necessary money to  fund these massive infrastructure plans by making the wealthy pay their  fair share, Trump’s plan offers tax breaks for the rich to encourage them to invest. “Which means that for every dollar they put into a project, they are actually paying only 18 cents – and we are paying the other 82 cents through our tax dollars.”

Did Someone Say ‘Tax Code Rewrite’? Lobbyists Scramble

The homebuilders lobby fears that an ambitious rewrite of the entire tax code will stifle the housing market. Retailers fret that it will make the cost of their imports soar. For charities and their representatives, the worry is that donations will be stunted, plaguing nonprofit groups that serve the neediest Americans.

Koch Brothers’ Operatives Fill Top White House Positions, Ethics Forms Reveal

If the billionaire Koch brothers turn to the White House for favors, they will see many familiar faces. Newly disclosed ethics forms reveal that a significant number of senior Trump staffers were previously employed by the sprawling network of hard-right and libertarian advocacy groups financed and controlled by Charles and David Koch, the conservative duo hyper-focused on entrenching Republican power, eliminating taxes, and slashing environmental and labor regulations.

Trump’s Unreleased Taxes Threaten Yet Another Campaign Promise

As a candidate, Mr. Trump declared that he understood America’s complex tax laws “better than anyone who has ever run for president” and that he alone could fix them. But it is becoming increasingly unlikely that there will be a simpler system, or even lower tax rates, this time next year. The Trump administration’s tax plan, promised in February, has yet to materialize; a House Republican plan has bogged down, taking as much fire from conservatives as liberals; and on Monday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told The Financial Times that the administration’s goal of getting a tax plan signed by August was “not realistic at this point.”

Trump's proposal to eliminate the Social Security payroll tax may be his worst idea yet

President Trump’s tax reform agenda is in trouble. That’s not news, but one proposal that his team has floated as a way, ostensibly, to cut taxes on the middle class is. According to the Associated Press, they’re toying with the idea of eliminating the payroll tax, which funds Social Security and part of Medicare, or cutting it drastically.

Trump has a plan to change the tax code to make himself much, much richer

President Trump is planning to include a massive cut in the top tax rate on "pass-through" companies, from its current level of 39.6 percent to a mere 15 percent, the Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender and Richard Rubin report. This will be sold as a boost for small businesses, and it is, but it is mostly a huge giveaway to the rich — including the president himself.