Obama’s amnesty by edict

As if President Obama hasn’t made enough wrong moves, now, he’s going to finish his presidency casting a wide net of amnesty and carting illegals into every American community with virtually no regard for safety in doing so. But he does have one thing in mind for certain: creating new voters in every state to ensure a 2016 win for the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Fact Check: Was Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate investigation?

An email says that Hillary Clinton – then Hillary Rodham – was fired for lying and being unethical when she was a 27-year-old working on the Watergate investigation. Is this true? The report verifies that Zeifman in his book did make these allegations but there is nothing out-and-out to confirm Zeifman's rendition.

Wikileaks Ties Hillary To Pedophile Sex Trafficker

The link here is between an attorney Roy Black, who represented Jeffery Epstein, accused of trafficking under aged girls for sex with himself and powerful friends including Bill Clinton. They fail to mention that he is also a friend of Donald Trump.

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote for Jill Stein

In this article the author tries to persuade voters not to vote for Jill Stein based on some trivial examples like her stance on vaccines or effects of Wi-Fi on your health and her support for Brexit.

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Wouldn’t Be Prosecuted Even if She Shot Someone

Donald J. Trump, in escalating attacks against Hillary Clinton,  suggested on Friday that his opponent was so immune to prosecution that  she could shoot someone in front of thousands of witnesses and not be prosecuted. Mr. Trump’s comments followed an extended, and at times vicious and unscripted, criticism of Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, whom he called “an unstable person.”