Why did Trump pick Rex Tillerson?

For all the criticism and intrigue about Rex Tillerson's ties to Russia, his lack of any conventional foreign policy experience (despite having contended with various world leaders) and status as an oil company executive, just why did Trump pick him? Article suggests that the only reasonable guess is his willingness to execute a friendly deal with Russia

Russia and conflicts of interest: Rex Tillerson embodies quandaries for Trump

Trumps choice for Secretary of state in the face of allegations that Russia interfered with US elections and Mr. Tillerson's business dealing with Putin reek of "conflict of interest". Mr. Trump himself had promised to clarify his involvement with his businesses during his presidency which he did by tweeting that his sons will be running his business and they will not sign any new deals, backing out of a promised press conference on this topic.

Under Rex Tillerson, Exxon Mobil Forged Its Own Path Abroad

Mr. Tillerson, was responsible for undermining US government and signing Oil deals with various regimes around the world. In Iraq he empowered the Kurds, in Africa he signed deals with repressive regimes, outing other oil companies and undermining democracies.

Trump has sidelined Rex Tillerson just when the US most needs a strong secretary of state

President Trump isn’t allowing Tillerson to shape policy, choose staff, or speak to the press. On Thursday, a pair of devastating articles in Politico and the Washington Post described how the former Exxon Mobil CEO has been cut out of the loop on major foreign policy shifts, slapped down by the White House on personnel choices, and given virtually no opportunities to make public appearances with President Trump.

Tillerson Leads From State Dept. Shadows as White House Steps In

In the Washington of President Trump, Rex W. Tillerson has taken an understated approach that can be seen as brilliant, mystifying or a prescription for powerlessness. Mr. Tillerson has skipped every opportunity to define his views or give guidance to American diplomats abroad, limiting himself to terse, scripted statements, taking no questions from reporters and offering no public protest when the White House proposed cutting the State Department budget by 37 percent without first consulting him.

“It's just weird”: a former employee on Rex Tillerson’s empty State Department

Details coming out of Rex Tillerson’s State Department tell a story of staff vacancies, scarce meetings, and general bewilderment from aides who have worked through multiple administrations. The emerging picture is of a secretary of state who has given little direction to his team on how he plans to run the diplomatic wing of the US government. State Department employees are even discouraged from making eye contact with Tillerson while he’s in the office, the Washington Post reported last week.

State Department Understaffing Is Likely to Linger Into 2018

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson wants to restructure the department before he fills top posts, an aide said — a timeline that alarms many of its veterans. Whatever the future — even if it involves drastic reductions — there is a near-universal wish among State Department employees for Mr. Tillerson to lead them to it, and soon. The wait is taking a toll. “With very little guidance coming from the secretary’s office, rumors of draconian cuts abound, and many dedicated and extremely knowledgeable civil servants are electing to leave,” said Robert G. Berschinski, a top Obama administration diplomat.

US accuses Iran of 'alarming provocations' amid nuclear tensions

The US secretary of state has accused Iran of "alarming ongoing provocations" aimed at destabilising the Middle East and undermining America's interests."An unchecked Iran has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea and to take the world along with it," Rex Tillerson said. The US has ordered a review of the Iran nuclear deal, although it admits Iran is complying with its commitments.