What's written in the scars of Hillary Clinton

This article states that before Hillary ran for President she was one of the most popular and respected women in the world and the negative media coverage has cost her the popularity score we see today.

Black voters are turning from Clinton to Trump in new poll

Donald Trump is gaining support among African-American voters — whose enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton is eroding, a tracking poll released Saturday revealed. Trump saw a 16.5 percentage-point increase in backing from African-American voters in a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll, up from 3.1 percent on Sept. 10 to 19.6 percent through Friday.

Catastrophe: Clinton 46, Trump 35

They're getting crushed by Hillary farking Clinton and may be bringing the party down with them — and they don't care. They never have; they're political arsonists. No wonder Team Hillary was rooting for her self-destructive longtime donor and pal to win the Republican primary.

2016 Election Forecast

Nate Silver's predictions and polling data for the 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These polls are updated every 15 minutes.

Post-ABC Tracking Poll: Trump 46, Clinton 45, as Democratic enthusiasm dips

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are all but tied in the latest Washington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll, which finds Clinton backers slipping behind in enthusiasm even as the Democrat has an edge in early voting. The tracking poll finds little shift in Clinton's overall support following news of the FBI's renewed look at Clinton emails, but strong enthusiasm among her supporters fell behind Trump in combined Saturday and Sunday interviews.