The NSA’s British Base at the Heart of U.S. Targeted Killing

Top-secret documents expose the controversial role of a massive NSA surveillance base in England's countryside. For years, journalists and researchers have speculated about what really goes on inside Menwith Hill, while human rights groups and some politicians have campaigned for more transparency about its activities. Now, however, top-secret documents obtained by The Intercept offer an unprecedented glimpse behind Menwith Hill’s razor wire fence. The files reveal for the first time how the NSA has used the British base to aid “a significant number of capture-kill operations” across the Middle East and North Africa, fueled by powerful eavesdropping technology that can harvest data from more than 300 million emails and phone calls a day.

Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump Will Have Terrifying Powers. Thanks, Obama.

Democrats who defended the extraordinary expansion of executive power under President Obama may suddenly be having second thoughts. The Democrats went silent on executive overreach when Obama was elected. When the New York Times revealed Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program in 2005, 60 percent of registered Democrats thought the program was “unacceptable.” But after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed a dramatically larger surveillance apparatus in 2013, a 61 percent of Democrats said the opposite – presumably because they trusted the man in charge.