Georgia Passes Bill That Stings Delta Over N.R.A. Position

Georgia lawmakers approved a bill on Thursday that stripped out a tax break proposal highly coveted by Delta Air Lines — the most stinging punishment that America’s pro-gun forces have leveled so far on one of the many corporations recalibrating their positions on firearms after the Florida high school massacre.

Russian agent’s guilty plea intensifies spotlight on relationship with NRA

The guilty plea Thursday of a woman accused of infiltrating the National
Rifle Association on behalf of the Russian government has thrust the
powerful conservative group into an uncomfortable spotlight as the
organization appears to be facing declining donations and signs its
fearsome political influence may be waning.

Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and the NRA

The National Rifle Association spent $30 million to help elect Donald
Trump—more than any other independent conservative group. Most of that
sum went toward television advertising, but a political message loses
its power if it fails to reach the right audience at the right time. For
the complex and consequential task of placing ads in key markets across
the nation in 2016, the NRA turned to a media strategy firm called Red
Eagle Media.

3 GOP Senate Elections Caught In Illegal Campaign Coordination Scandal

For years, the National Rifle Association has insisted that they are no
more than a group of private citizens who support the Second Amendment’s
guarantees of the right to bear arms. As many have suspected for some
time, what they really are is an unregistered lobbyist organization.
What’s more, they appear to be committing federal crimes in order to
support candidates willing to back their political views in exchange for

Documents Show NRA and Republican Candidates Coordinated Ads in Key Senate Races

The National Rifle Association appears to have illegally coordinated its
political advertising with Republican candidates in at least three
recent high-profile US Senate races, according to Federal Communications
Commission records. In Senate races in Missouri and Montana in 2018 and
North Carolina in 2016, the gun group’s advertising blitzes on behalf
of GOP candidates Josh Hawley, Matt Rosendale, and Richard Burr were
authorized by the very same media consultant that the candidates
themselves used—an apparent violation of laws designed to prevent
independent groups from synchronizing their efforts with political