'Just racist': EPA cuts will hit black and Hispanic communities the hardest

Planned cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency are set to fall heaviest upon communities of color across the US that already suffer disproportionately from toxic pollution, green groups have warned. Proposal would remove environmental justice office, tasked with bridging gap in pollution in black, Hispanic and low-income areas and wealthier white ones

Trump isn’t behind the lowest black unemployment rate in decades

Since Trump first took credit for the lower unemployment rates earlier this month, journalists and economists have noted that he isn’t really the cause of the decline. Unemployment among black Americans has been  declining pretty steadily after coming close to 17 percent in 2011.

U.S. denying passports to American citizens along Mexico border

His official American birth certificate shows he was
delivered by a midwife in Brownsville, at the southern tip of Texas. He
spent his life wearing American uniforms: three years as a private in
the Army, then as a cadet in the Border Patrol and now as a state prison
guard. But when Juan, 40, applied to renew his
U.S. passport this year, the government’s response floored him. In a
letter, the State Department said it didn’t believe he was an American

Officials Defend Plan To Close Almost All Polling Places In Majority Black Georgia County

Election officials in a rural southwest Georgia county are defending a plan to suddenly close seven of the county’s nine polling places against allegations of racial discrimination, saying the ones it wants to close are not sufficiently accessible to people with disabilities Randolph County, the site of the proposed changes, is more than 60 percent black, with a little over 30 percent of residents in poverty ― more than double the national level.

Ben Carson’s HUD dials back investigations into housing discrimination

Beyond his attempts to roll back the agency’s fair-housing rules, Carson
is overseeing a department whose fair-housing budget and staffing have
been cut. And, notably, he has departed from the practices of
recent Democratic and Republican predecessors of using their secretarial
power to root out systemic racial discrimination by launching
broad-based investigations into bias by banks, real estate companies and

This chart shows how badly the census could undercount people of color

According to a new report from the Urban Institute, the census is on track to severely undercount people of color — even more so than the past two surveys.
This chart looks at how the 2020 census would perform if
it was conducted at 2010 levels, then compares it to the actual
projections using the census planning documents. The effects of the
citizenship question aren’t included.