‘Foot In The Door’: Prosecutors Penetrate Trump Org With Subpoena To CFO

This week brought an unwelcome turn in the spotlight for a notoriously  under-the-radar fixture in President Trump’s inner circle: Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. Weisselberg’s name first cropped up in a now-public audio recording of Trump and his former fixer Michael Cohen discussing a payment related to Trump’s alleged  affair with a former Playboy playmate.

Cohen Says Trump Knew About Trump Tower Meeting In Advance

According to CNN, Michael Cohen says President Trump knew in advance  about the Trump Tower meeting from Don Jr., approved the meeting in advance, was looking forward to getting the dirt. A little backstory on this. Cohen has been suggesting that he knows this and is willing to testify to that effect. CNN is apparently the first to get this solid enough to report.

Michael Cohen, CNN, Trump-Russia: the controversy, explained

Late last month, in the midst of a federal investigation into Cohen,
sources close to the former Trump lawyer made a bombshell claim to CNN. They said that, according to Cohen, Donald Trump himself knew in advance about his son Don Jr.’s secret meeting
with a Russian delegation during the 2016 campaign. These anonymous
sources added that Cohen would be happy to tell special counsel Robert
Mueller all about this. And other media outlets, such as the Washington Post, soon heard similar things from a source close to Cohen.

N.Y. regulators subpoena Trump’s insurance broker as probes of his campaign, White House and businesses multiply

New York state regulators have subpoenaed President
Trump’s insurance broker, following testimony from former Trump attorney
Michael Cohen that Trump exaggerated his wealth to insurance companies. That
subpoena — acknowledged Tuesday by broker Aon PLC — signaled another
line of inquiry into Trump’s private business, this time by New York’s
Department of Financial Services.