Trump Lawyers Agree to Settlement Talks in University Suit

Donald J. Trump’s lawyers agreed on Thursday to enter settlement talks in a class-action fraud lawsuit involving the president-elect and Trump University, now defunct, raising the possibility of a quick end to the six-year-old case just before it goes to trial. The lawsuit says Trump University gave seminars and classes under the guise of being an accredited school and pressured people to spend up to $35,000 on mentorships. 

Don’t let Donald Trump’s antics distract you from what’s really important

He’s paying fraud fines and collecting bribes — and distracting you with Hamilton tweets. The truth is that nothing about the Hamilton story – is in any way important to how he runs the country. By contrast, foreign governments directly putting money into Donald Trump’s pocket is very important. The fact that these attempted bribes are being paid to a man who is also paying out millions of dollars to avoid standing trial for his corrupt business practices is very important.

Federal judge denies Trump administration appeal in youth climate lawsuit

A federal judge has denied the Trump administration’s appeal in a climate change lawsuit, paving the way for the unprecedented suit to go to trial. The case — Juliana v. United States — pits a group of youth climate plaintiffs against the federal government and the fossil fuel industry. The plaintiffs allege that the federal government, through its actions and coordination with the fossil fuel industry, have violated their constitutional right to a livable climate. It is the first climate lawsuit to rely on a version of the public trust doctrine — known as atmospheric trust — to make its case, and adds to a growing number of attempts to force climate action through the judicial branch.

Trump receives subpoena for all documents realting to secual assaults

After a fairly quiet post-election period in this regard, President Trump is again facing a legal fight over claims that he sexually assaulted women in his prior life as a private citizen and business figure. According to Buzzfeed, the subpoena was issued in March, but was only entered into the court file last month. The White House has been reached out to for comment, which will be included here when and if available.