Soros Group Funded Opposition Research On Critics of Islam

This right wing source is blaming Soros for funding opposition research on characters like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer who have been targeting Muslims in the US with their extreme views. Not sure why they think they are immune to scrutiny!?

In Attacking Ilhan Omar, Trump Revives His Familiar Refrain Against Muslims

As long as President Trump has focused
on what he said was the danger lurking at the southwestern border, he
has also talked about the supposed threat from one specific group
already in the country: Muslims.During
the 2016 campaign, he would not rule out creating a registry of Muslims
in the United States. He claimed to have seen “thousands” of Muslims
cheering on rooftops in New Jersey after Sept. 11, a statement that was
widely debunked. After deadly attacks in Paris and California, Mr. Trump
called for a moratorium on Muslims traveling to the United States.