Hillary Clinton Liked Covert Action if It Stayed Covert, Transcript Shows

Addressing a Goldman Sachs event in 2013, in one of the speeches that WikiLeaks published on Saturday, Mrs. Clinton gave a tough-minded, realpolitik  answer to the question of how to handle a problem like Syria. If the  best chance of success was to act secretly inside that country, she made clear, she had no problem doing that.

Trump attacks China in Twitter outburst

It is apparent that Donald Trump believes that international diplomacy is akin to a real estate negotiation. Experts would tell you that international diplomacy requires a cool head and long term planning. Will Mr. Trump continue his twitter outburst once in office?

Trump’s Daily Bankruptcy and the Ambassador to Israel

Article raises legitimate concerns regarding Donald Trump's choice for Ambassador to Israel David Freedman, a right wing, pro settler bankruptcy lawyer who is characterized as to the right of Netanyahu. Trump's son in law Jared Kushner and his family also have intense interest in Israeli affairs and the family foundation has donated tens of thousands of dollars to west bank institutions.

Why did Trump pick Rex Tillerson?

For all the criticism and intrigue about Rex Tillerson's ties to Russia, his lack of any conventional foreign policy experience (despite having contended with various world leaders) and status as an oil company executive, just why did Trump pick him? Article suggests that the only reasonable guess is his willingness to execute a friendly deal with Russia

Trump's (and Putin's) Plan to Dissolve the EU and NATO.

Back in December I explained that Trump has a plan  to break up the European Union. Trump and his key advisor Steve Bannon  (former Breitbart chief) believe they can promise an advantageous trade  agreement with the United Kingdom, thus strengthening the UK's position  in its negotiations over exiting the EU. With such a deal in place with  the UK, they believe they can slice apart the EU by offering the same  model deal to individual EU states.

In Rocky Hearing, Rex Tillerson Tries to Separate From Trump

The former chief executive of Exxon Mobil found himself on the defensive over his reluctance to declare that some dictators were violators of human rights. On climate change, Mr. Tillerson said he did not view it as the imminent national security threat that some others did. On Iran he tried to strike a middle ground between Republicans who said the deal should be scrapped – including Vice President-elect Mike Pence – and those who simply call for tougher enforcement of its provisions.

Calm urged in face of new US administration

Donald Trump could prompt a sea change in the relationship between China and the United States. Many of the experts have warned that the Sino-US relationship may revert to the deep, mutual distrust that characterized relations between the countries during the 1960s. Ted Carpenter, senior fellow of defense and foreign policy at the Cato Institute in Washington, said he is "increasingly worried" about Trump's policies regarding China.