Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

Hacked documents reviewed by Breitbart Jerusalem report that George Soros saw the protests in Baltimore as an opprotunity to help reform the Baltimore police and creating a culture of accountabiliy. It also claims that Black Lives Matters movement worked to influence political candidates for their cause!

Trump Hotel Received $270,000 From Lobbying Campaign Tied to Saudis

President Donald Trump’s Washington hotel received roughly $270,000 in payments linked to  Saudi Arabia as part of a lobbying campaign by the Gulf kingdom against a  controversial piece of terrorism legislation last year. The payments—for catering, lodging and parking—were disclosed by the public relations firm MSLGroup last week in paperwork filed with the Justice Department documenting foreign lobbying work on behalf of Saudi Arabia and other clients. 

Donald Trump’s deep connections to dirty Russian money: The trail leads back more than 30 years

As Craig Unger's new investigative report makes clear, Russian mob money financed Trump's business for years. Unger makes clear that he can find no evidence that Trump was ever involved in criminal activity, or knew exactly where the money pouring into his buildings was coming from. He didn’t need to know or want to; if nothing else Trump has finely honed survival instincts. But Unger also documents that criminals and oligarchs lived in and ran illegal activities out of Trump properties, including Trump Tower in Manhattan, for more than 30 years.

As shutdown stalls farm bailout, Trump team extends deadline

The government shutdown has stalled President
Trump’s program to send billions of dollars to farmers hurt by the trade
war with China, as the Agriculture Department office responsible for
administering the payouts is closed for lack of funding. On
Tuesday, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced that the
department has extended the deadline for farmers to apply for bailout
payments. The application window was slated to close Jan. 15, but Perdue
said Tuesday that the deadline will be extended, at minimum, weeks
after the shutdown ends.

Coal CEO hosts Trump fundraiser as industry’s hurdles mount and workers are left behind

President Donald Trump will head to West Virginia on Wednesday to
deliver remarks at a fundraiser hosted by coal baron Bob Murray,
underscoring the close relationship the coal industry has with the White
House even as the industry steadily declines.
The fundraiser comes in the middle of another turbulent month for
coal, with Blackhawk Mining the latest company to file for Chapter 11