'Five Eyes' Spy Chiefs Agreed to Contain Huawei's Global Reach at Meeting in July

At a meeting in Canada in July 2018, espionage chiefs from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S.—all signatories to a treaty on signals intelligence, and often referred to as the “Five Eyes”—agreed to do their best to contain the global growth of Chinese telecom Huawei, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing a prior report from the Australian Financial Review.

Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad?

extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that

only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly
tops the list for ostensibly friendly countries that aggressively conduct
espionage against the U.S. and Jewish American Jonathan Pollard, who was
imprisoned in 1987 for spying for Israel, is now regarded as the most damaging
spy in the history of the United States.

Israel Was Caught Spying on Capitol Hill Cellphones and Trump Was Fine With It

The Israelis deployed StingRay mobile identity-catchers, devices that
are mistaken for cell towers by cell phones, allowing them to capture
the contents of calls and the mobile browser activity.
Lipmann says that the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division subjected
the devices to extensive forensic tests, looking at where the components
came from, how old they were, and considering who would have access to
them, and the trail led inexorably to Israel.