Donald Trump Promises Tax Cuts, More Spending Offset by Robust Growth

Donald Trump put forward his most detailed economic blueprint, promising significantly stronger economic growth to offset the steep price tag of proposed tax-rate cuts and new infrastructure and defense spending. Advocates of balanced budgets have reacted cautiously to proposals, such as Mr. Trump’s that would cut taxes and boost defense and infrastructure spending without specific measures to avoid higher deficits if growth doesn’t materialize.

How to pay for Donald Trump’s trillion-dollar agenda? Congressional Republicans aren’t saying.

President-elect Donald Trump intends to launch a broad legislative  agenda that includes cutting taxes, rolling back the Affordable Care  Act, growing the military and rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. The question is how congressional Republicans, after eight years of apocalyptic warnings about the growing national debt, will respond to the dire fiscal implications of proposals that would likely send the  deficit soaring.

Trump Tariff Threat Gains Tactical Victory in Kentucky

A mere fortnight after becoming President-elect, Donald Trump’s tariff threat gained a tactical victory in the battle to keep American jobs at home.Trump announced via Twitter that Ford Motor Company intentions to transfer SUV production south of the border were shelved. Chairman Bill Ford “advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky – no Mexico,” Trump tweeted last Thursday.

Economically, Could Obama Be America's Best President?

Despite ongoing attacks from pro-business Republicans, there is data indicating that President Obama has a sterling, possibly incomparable, record regarding economic growth policies. The reports states that economic performance is directly related to policies enacted by the president and Obama deserves all the credit for that.

United Tech CEO says Trump deal will lead to more automation, fewer jobs

In a TV interview with Greg Hayes, the CEO of United Technologies stated that reasons for keeping jobs in Indiana was government contracts,prospect of favorable regulations. He also said that Mexican workers are 80% cheaper and more dedicated. Furthermore UTC believes that with automation they can stay competitive in the US which will still result in job loss for US workers.

Ford, Criticized by Trump, Cancels Plans to Build Mexican Plant

The company said on Tuesday that it would instead invest $700 million to increase production in Michigan. The CEO says the reason is because of market demands. They didn't see the demand for the cars they wanted to build in Mexico, so staying in the US was a business decision. He also said that he is encouraged by the pro growth policies signaled by the Trump administration.

Trump Claims Credit For Bringing Back Sprint Jobs That Were Already Announced

The thousands of telecommunications jobs President-elect Donald Trump claimed Wednesday that he was bringing back to the United States were part of a previously announced investment deal between Sprint and its main funder, SoftBank. "5,000 jobs announced today are part of the 50,000 jobs that [SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son] previously announced. It will be a combination of newly created jobs and bringing some existing jobs back to the U.S," a Sprint spokeswoman said in a statement to Politico, after Trump made his announcement to the press.