Can an Asian Ostpolitik ease tension on the Korean Peninsula?

Moon will take office at a time of heightened tensions with North Korea. To understand what kind of policy he will pursue requires familiarity with liberal foreign-policy thinking in South Korea  since the 1998-2003 presidency of Kim Dae-jung. Kim had watched the Cold War come to a peaceful end in Europe, and he wanted to bring his own country’s ongoing confrontation with the communist North to a similarly non-violent conclusion.

Trump Administration Plans U.N. Meeting to Ramp Up the International Drug War

The Trump administration will open a week of
high-level meetings at the United Nations General Assembly in New York
with a drug policy event featuring President Donald Trump. Invites to
the event are being doled out only to those countries that have signed
on to a controversial, nonnegotiable action plan, according to documents
obtained by The Intercept — among them the countries with the world’s
most draconian drug laws.

Trump: 'Iran failing as a nation' after US sanctions

Iran is failing as a nation after Washington imposed powerful sanctions last year, US President Donald Trump said on Thursday, adding that things could change rapidly in talks with the leadership in Tehran. "They are failing as a nation, but I don't want
them to fail as a nation. We can turn that around very quickly but the
sanctions have been extraordinary [in] how powerful they have been."