The Facts on Trump's Travel Restrictions

President Donald Trump has made a number of misleading statements about his decision on Jan. 31 to impose travel restrictions related to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Trump's Mental Health – Now the Worst Case Scenario

The moment we feared has come: in a real emergency, the president’s
inability to stay with reality and to resist the need to conform the
world to what is in his head will now result in a tangible loss of
lives.  People are asking: Is the president capable of functioning in a

Conservative pundits seek villains to blame amid coronavirus outbreak

Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh and others have less to say about the spread of the virus than concern for how the news coverage of it affects President Trump. In
fact, many conservative commentators have expressed less interest in
the spread of the virus or efforts to combat it than in the story of the virus — a story they are convinced shows bias designed to harm President Trump.

Trump Administration Restricts Entry Into U.S. From China

Moving to counter the spreading coronavirus
outbreak, the Trump administration said Friday that it would bar entry
by most foreign nationals who had recently visited China and put some
American travelers under a quarantine as it declared a rare public health emergency.

Governors and mayors in growing uproar over Trump's lagging coronavirus response

President Trump’s response to the coronavirus
pandemic sparked uproar and alarm among governors and mayors on Sunday
as Trump and his administration’s top advisers continued to make
confusing statements about the federal government’s scramble to confront
the crisis, including whether he will force private industry to mass
produce needed medical items.