Climate Deniers Exposed: Top Scientist Got Funding from ExxonMobil, Koch Brothers, Big Coal

A new investigation exposes how one of the top scientists involved in
denying climate change has failed to disclose his extensive funding from
the fossil fuel industry. Dr. Wei-Hock Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian
Center for Astrophysics has downplayed global warming and rejected human
activity as its cause, arguing the sun is more responsible than
greenhouse gases from pollution. Climate denialists — including
Republican Senator James Inhofe, chair of the Senate Environment and
Public Works Committee — frequently cite Soon’s work to reject concrete

What America’s 25 Most Profitable Companies Pay In Taxes

Taxes, fees, tarrifs, tolls, levies, bribes, tithes, tributes. Whatever we called them, taxes have been an unfortunate reality of life ever since the biggest monkey decided he wanted a piece of the smaller monkeys’ lunch. From that earliest protection racket, taxes have only gotten more codified and

Welcome to the 2016 DNC, Sponsored by Special Interests

As soon as Congress scrapped the public funding for conventions in 2014, both the Democratic and Republican parties asked the FEC to dramatically increase the contribution limits for people who wanted to help fund conventions. The FEC granted their request, and instead of an annual limit of $33,000, individuals can now give up to $133,600 each year to fund the conventions.

House committee subpoenas Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey over Exxon investigation

Want to see how giant corporations try to rig the system in their favor? Look at what ExxonMobil is doing to try to intimidate Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office is one of several AGs who are investigating whether ExxonMobil broke state consumer and investor protection laws by knowingly misleading people about climate change since the 1970s.

'There Is Another Kind of Violence, A Violence of Institutions'

As we've reflected on the events of the past week, one of my colleagues came across this speech made by Robert F. Kennedy at the Cleveland City Club on April 5, 1968. She encountered it on a recently published blog post and, at first, didn't realize that it was nearly 40 years old. Many of us have been remembering the events of 1968 and feeling an uncomfortable familiarity over the course of the past few days. Continue reading

DNC Caught Accepting Money from Union-Busting Companies in New Leak

A new set of documents leaked by hacker Guccifer 2.0 allegedly shows the Democratic National Committee has no qualms about asking for donations from some of the most evil corporations in America — even the corporations whose values are directly in opposition to the Democratic Party’s stated goals. The spreadsheet, which can be viewed in its entirety […]

D.C. Hivemind Mulls How Clinton Can Pass Huge Corporate Tax Cut

Even as Democratic voters are concentrating on beating Donald Trump, the Very Serious People of D.C. are quietly plotting a highly unpleasant surprise for them. Article talks about where the money for proposed programs will come from and how to pay for them. Progressives want taxes from corporate profits and articles discusses the politics of this process.

Google Gets a Seat on the Trump Transition Team

Joshua Wright has been put in charge of transition efforts at the  influential Federal Trade Commission after pulling off the rare  revolving-door quadruple-play, moving from Google-supported academic work to government – as an FTC commissioner – back to the Google gravy train and now back to the government.