Trump Presidency Could Be Worth $14 Billion to His Troubled Lender

Donald Trump’s election has likely given a massive lifeline to Deutsche Bank, the German financial firm that has been rocked recently by rumors that they would have to pay a $14 billion fine to the Justice Department over crisis-related mortgage abuses. That money is unlikely to ever be imposed, now that one of Deutsche Bank’s biggest borrowers – Trump – will soon be sitting in the White House.

People Are Boycotting This List of Companies for Selling Trump Products

In the wake of Trump’s “locker-room talk” scandal — which feels like years ago, doesn’t it? — technology-and-media-marketing specialist Shannon Coulter created the hashtag #GrabYourWallet  to encourage consumers to boycott businesses that carry Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories lines. And now that a Trump administration is imminent, Coulter and others are encouraging critics of the president-elect to put their money where their mouths are..

Ivanka Trump’s Company Hawks $10K Bracelet She Wore On '60 Minutes'

The jewelry company run by Ivanka Trump apparently saw the new first family’s inaugural television interview on CBS' “60 Minutes” as an opportunity to reach new customers. In an email sent to New York Times reporters, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry’s vice president of sales, Monica Marder, shared a photograph of the President-elect’s eldest daughter wearing a gold bracelet from the brand’s “Metropolis Collection" priced at more than $10,000.

Cashing in BIGLY in Argentina!

For a number of years, Trump and his Argentine partners have been trying to build a major office building in Buenos Aires. The project has been held up by a series of complications tied to financing,  importation of building materials and various permitting requirements. According to a report out of Argentina, when Argentine President Mauricio Macri called President-Elect Trump to congratulate him on his election, Trump asked Macri to deal with the permitting issues that are currently holding up the project.

Trump poised to violate Constitution his first day in office, George W. Bush’s ethics lawyer says

Friday evening, the Washington Post reported that about 100 foreign  diplomats gathered at President-elect Donald Trump’s hotel in  Washington, DC to “to sip Trump-branded champagne, dine on sliders and hear a sales pitch about the U.S. president-elect’s newest hotel.” The tour included a look at the hotel’s $20,000 a night “town house” suite. The Post also quoted some of the diplomats saying they intended to stay at the hotel in order to ingratiate themselves to the incoming president.

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) Introduces Legislation To Stop Trump From Profiting Off The Presidency

Congresswoman Katherine Clark has introduced legislation to ensure that U.S. Presidents are required to resolve any conflicts of interest with regard to financial interests and official responsibilities. Current law prohibits federal office holders from engaging in government business when they stand to gain profit. The President and Vice President are currently exempt from this statute. Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act removes this exemption and requires the President and Vice President to place their assets in a certified blind trust or disclose to the Office of Government Ethics and the public when they make a decision  that affects their personal finances

A scramble to assess the dangers of President-elect Donald Trump’s global business empire

Turkey is a nation in crisis, scarred by government crackdowns following a failed coup attempt and on a potential collision course with the West. It is also home to a valuable revenue stream for the president-elect’s business empire: Trump Towers Istanbul. Donald  Trump’s company has been paid up to $10 million by the tower’s developers since 2014 to affix the Trump name atop the luxury complex,  whose owner, one of Turkey’s biggest oil and media conglomerates, has become an influential megaphone for the country’s increasingly repressive regime.

Don’t let Donald Trump’s antics distract you from what’s really important

He’s paying fraud fines and collecting bribes — and distracting you with Hamilton tweets. The truth is that nothing about the Hamilton story – is in any way important to how he runs the country. By contrast, foreign governments directly putting money into Donald Trump’s pocket is very important. The fact that these attempted bribes are being paid to a man who is also paying out millions of dollars to avoid standing trial for his corrupt business practices is very important.

Donald Trump Meeting Suggests He Is Keeping Up His Business Ties

The meeting, with Indian executives linked to an apartment tower bearing Mr. Trump’s name, raises questions about how he will separate his business dealings from his politics. Washington ethics lawyers said that a meeting with Indian real estate partners, regardless of what was discussed, raised conflict of interest questions for Mr. Trump, who could be perceived as using the presidency to advance his business interests.

Turkish Client Paid Trump Adviser Michael Flynn’s Company “Tens of Thousands” of Dollars for Lobbying

Though Flynn is not a lobbyist himself, his company, Flynn Intel Group, is registered with Congress as a lobbying organization, and has a registered lobbyist on its staff. A Flynn Intel Group client, Kamil Ekim Alptekin, a Turkish businessman with real estate, aerospace, and consulting interests, told The Intercept on Thursday that one of his companies, Inovo BV, paid Flynn’s company “tens of thousands of dollars” for analysis on world affairs. On election day, Flynn published an opinion piece for The Hill urging U.S. support for Turkey’s controversial strongman president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and pushing for the extradition of Erdogan’s political rival, Fethullah Gülen, who now resides in Pennsylvania. “From Turkey’s point of view, Washington is harboring Turkey’s Osama bin Laden,” Flynn wrote, on November 8.