Jewish Defense League activists beat Palestinian-American at AIPAC

Wearing shirts and carrying flags bearing insignia of the JDL, once declared a terrorist organization, the violent men and women also attacked left-wing Jewish activists. At least one was arrested. Members of the Jewish Defense League severely beat a 55-year old Palestinian American man and assaulted several American Jewish activists with IfNotNow outside the AIPAC Conference in Washington, D.C. Sunday, new video footage provided to +972 Magazine shows.

Pro-Israel donors spent over $22m on lobbying and contributions in 2018

Pro-Israel lobbyists and donors spent more than $22m on lobbying and campaign contributions during the 2018 election cycle.
The same or similar Israel-aligned groups and donors have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in recent decades,
and that money poured into American politics through a variety of
channels, according to the non-profit, non-partisan Center for
Responsive Politics. The CRP uses federal election records to track
campaign finance spending and makes its data available on the Open
Secrets site.

Pro-Israel Lobby Caught on Tape Boasting That Its Money Influences Washington

A debate about the power in
Washington of the pro-Israel lobby is underway, after Rep. Ilhan Omar,
D-Minn., responded sharply to reports that Republican leader Kevin
McCarthy was targeting both Omar and fellow Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a
Democrat from Michigan. Omar quoted rap lyrics — “It’s all about the Benjamins baby”
— to suggest McCarthy’s move was driven by the lobby’s prolific
spending. Asked specifically who she was referring to, Omar responded, “AIPAC!”

AIPAC Targets Bernie Sanders in Facebook Ads Focused on Key Democratic Primary States

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who could be the first Jewish president
of the United States two years from now, is currently the target of
a pressure campaign on Facebook paid for by the American Israel Public
Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobbying group known as AIPAC.
The sponsored post urges Facebook users to add their names to an online petition telling Sanders that “America stands with Israel.”

Adam Milstein Has Spent Millions to Stifle BDS and Attack Critics of Israel

Adam Milstein, a real estate millionaire and prolific donor to
right-wing, pro-Israel causes, had a busy few days on Twitter this
month. In one tweet, he accused Rep. Ilhan Omar of being a “terrorist.” In another, he questioned Omar’s and Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s loyalty to the United States. He also accused Tlaib and Omar, the first two Muslim-American women elected to Congress, of having links to the Muslim Brotherhood, indulging a tired trope popular among anti-Muslim bigots.

God, Gas, and Cash: How Texas Fell in Love With Israel

As the Trump administration maintains the friendliest U.S. relationship
with the Israeli right in history, Texas has become one of the most
pro-Israel states in the country. It has forged ties with Israeli
settlements and aggressively enforced a law targeting advocates of
boycotting Israel. Its exports to Israel last year topped $900 million,
and its imports from Israel are valued at $1.5 billion, according to the
Texas Economic Development Corporation.